Band To Look Out For: The Ride

The RideI was lucky enough to happen upon a new-ish band collaboration called The Ride recently. The band is made up of Lucy Kruger, Andre Leo and Lucas Swart, all of whom have been gigging with other players for quite some time. It is hard to define the genre of music, but my first thought when I walked into the venue was, “what do you get when a goth, a hipster and a modern cowboy get together and make music?” It’s reflective of course. A little bit alt-country. Definitely tapping into the psych-rockabilly vibes around recently. There is soul in there too – with a gut-punching intimate sound. Although like pretty much everything that appeals to me there is humour. Definitely humour. Look out for them playing venues around about CT and check them out. You’ll thank me.


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