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Restaurant Review: La Mouette

Team La Mouette

My name is Robyn and I am an addict. It has been 10 days since my last bowl of croquettes and I don’t think I can last much longer. Look, I don’t mean to be reductionist. The menu at La Mouette restaurant in Sea Point is extensive and utterly delicious. But by far the most delicious thing I may have ever eaten in my life, is their cheese and truffle oil croquettes. I die for them.

Croquettes from La Mouette

La Mouette is owned by Chef Henry Vigar, together with his charming wife Mari Vigar and business partner Gerrit Bruwer. Chef Henry is from England where I ate his food at Kensington Place on many a Sunday in the 2000’s when I lived in Notting Hill. Mari managed to drag him to South Africa, thankfully, and she mans the social media which has become the easiest way to get a booking in town.

Dining Room La Mouette

One of the real delights of eating at La Mouette restaurant is that they offer a tasting menu for the princely sum of R185. That’s for six courses of tasty treats. If you want to do a wine pairing menu, you can pay R295 and get a small glass of the best possible wine to go along with your course. I have eaten both the April and May 2013 tasting menu and it is the best fun I have had with food for some time. Don’t miss out. Make it a monthly visit. Or more often if, like me, you can’t get enough of the croquettes.


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Band To Look Out For: The Ride

The RideI was lucky enough to happen upon a new-ish band collaboration called The Ride recently. The band is made up of Lucy Kruger, Andre Leo and Lucas Swart, all of whom have been gigging with other players for quite some time. It is hard to define the genre of music, but my first thought when I walked into the venue was, “what do you get when a goth, a hipster and a modern cowboy get together and make music?” It’s reflective of course. A little bit alt-country. Definitely tapping into the psych-rockabilly vibes around recently. There is soul in there too – with a gut-punching intimate sound. Although like pretty much everything that appeals to me there is humour. Definitely humour. Look out for them playing venues around about CT and check them out. You’ll thank me.

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A Town Called Stanford

Stanford 1

A few years ago I became obsessed with getting a holiday home. I wasn’t well and I needed somewhere to retreat to on weekends after a long week at the coal-face of fashion. Somewhere that it was quiet and I could hibernate. But with enough spice to make it interesting when I was feeling better. After all I am NOT an ‘outdoors’ kind of person. I needed what I have come to encapsulate in the phrase, “the perfect blend of cappuccino and country.”

Stanford 2

When I approached my sister to share the cost of the new house and create a family holiday home, she was very specific about what she wanted too. Nowhere that was really windy. There must be things to do for the kids. It mustn’t be more than two hours drive away – because of the kids. It must be somewhere other than Hermanus. Well. We pretty much went through every small town within the two-hour drive limit and kept coming back to Hermanus. Until I remembered. Stanford. Ten minutes the other side of Hermanus. We went to go and have a look.

Stanford 4

I have to say we had the best introduction to the town. Food. In between looking at properties, we managed to squeeze in several delicious meals all made locally and with fresh ingredients. It has come to be one of my favourite things about my breaks in Stanford. The food. And the people of course who provide the food.

Stanford 3

My stories about the people of Stanford in the past two years could fill a book. And just as I start to think that a village can be a bit invasive, I am smacked about the head by the warmth and care that the villagers show each other. There have been some tough times in the last short while that truly shows one the value of being a part of a community.

Stanford 5

Make no mistake, there is no shortage of fun there too. I love the monthly night markets. The  multiple Christmas events. The village am-dram production I watched last year – and loved. The music nights in the Speakeasy. The braais and breakfasts and coffees and dinners and drinks on the patio that I have shared with visitors and locals alike. It has all been amazing.

There may be mostly dirt roads in Stanford, but the village has the heart of a fashionista. The coolest things are all available there. But within walking distance. And in the quiet. There is nothing so peaceful as a morning walk by the river. A night under the stars. Or a rain-soaked weekend in the country. You should try it sometime.

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